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Ah maps! Well the trouble is that for those of us used to the OS or French/Swiss maps, Italian maps are, in a word, rubbish! The best topographic maps on offer are the 1:30,000 CAI and the 1:25,000 "carta touristico informatica" for Monti Lattari, both with 25m contours. The topographic base seems accurate but with such an interval obviously lacks detail and both lack clarity. Worse, the depiction of the trails cannot be relied on. However for this particular walk salvation is at hand (as I belatedly discovered) in the form of a 1:12,500 map segment produced by local cartographer and guide Giovanni Visetti on which the trails at least are admirably clear and accurate.


The promontory centring on Massa Lubrense is covered by an excellent 1:18,000 map available free of charge at the Tourist Office, courtesy of local expert Giovanni Visetti, also responsible for the 1:12,500 'Monte Faito & S. Angelo a Tre Pizzi', easily the clearest map for that area.

Our guide Giovanni Visetti, is an Amalfi Coast guide extraordinaire who is also a map-maker and author and has been intimately involved in guiding groups around the wonderful trails of Amalfi, as well as producing maps for the area. To say he knows the trails like the back of his hand is an understatement.
Giovanni is some serious walker, even organising a gruelling walk taking participants 95 miles (150 kms) in a period of 7 days in the Amalfi and Isle of Capri area in May 2011.

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If you prefer to hike any of these with a guide, I highly recommend Giovanni Visetti. Use the detailed route instructions and elevation maps on his website, or hire him as a private guide.

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Giovanni is a wealth of knowledge of the area and its history and pointed out many fascinating tales of life living on the mountains.
 …it really was a magical experience.

the best source of information is the website 
www.giovis.com , maintained by local guide and cartographer Giovanni Visetti. It has many trails listed, detailed maps, and trail conditions and trail status. It relies on hikers information, so it is always up do date.

Looks like Giovanni has an eye for scenery and took a camera along on the hikes in Capri, Amalfi, and Sorrento. Plenty of very good shots.

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the best source of information is the website www.giovis.com , maintained by local guide and cartographer Giovanni Visetti. It has many trails listed, detailed maps, and trail conditions and trail status. ...the excellent trails created by Giovanni Visetti on the western portion of the Sorrentine Peninsula

If you want to see good pictures from different hikes with maps.... see the excellent web site from Giovanni Visetti. He is a walking tour adviser and also organizes hiking tours.

Giovanni Visetti knows very well all the paths, the coasts and the suburbs not only of the Sorrento Coast, but also of the Amalfi Coast, of Capri and of the Monti Lattari.


is recommended by

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Walking on the

Amalfi Coast  

by Gillian Price

Frommer's The Amalfi Coast & Bay of Naples With Your Family (2009)

Sorrento Peninsula, Italy: Frommer's ShortCuts (2012)


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... As guides go, you'd be hard to better Giovanni Visetti, the leading local authority on the walking possibilities; he speaks excellent English (www.giovis.com)

Walking on the Amalfi Coast

CICERONE GUIDE  (2010) - page 21


Hiring a guide will add to your experience; the best in the area is Giovanni Visetti
(339 6942911; www.giovis.com),an expert on this coast and its hinterlands, who organizes guided hikes of varying difficulty and cost.

Frommer's Amalfi Coast - (2007) - page 146

or the more experienced walkers there are of course more challenging trails up in the Lattari mountains overlooking the Amalfi coast. For more information on these we would highly recommend a visit to the website of Giovanni Visetti who is a professional walking guide and cartographer with an unrivalled knowledge of this area. As well as providing detailed information of the walks available there is a wonderful collection of photographs and videos taken from them.
He also has a site dedicated to wild orchids found on the Amalfi coast, Sorrento Peninsula and Capri.


Giovanni Visetti: hiking guide and

mapmaker ... a good resource for walks and walking maps, especially along the Amalfi coast and the Island of Capri.

If you’re looking for a local guide, I highly recommend Giovanni Visetti.
If you enjoy hiking with a group or want to meet other hikers, join the Freeramblers (www.freeramblers.com) on their next hike, or just read their rules for a smile

Giovanni Visetti is an excellent map maker who does a bang-up job with descriptions of walks that include a detailed map, elevation graph, route description, and photos in both Italian and English.



My wife and me, we spent 2 weeks walking around Sorrento and Massa, on wonderful paths, in a lovely landscape, always the eyes on the sea and the island of Capri. These paths we only found using your map "Sea of Ulysses, Land of the Sirens". 
You have made an opus eximium! I have never had a map with so many and precise objects as yours. Each detail can be identified, each curve is shown by your map in right position, all we looked for, we found - often led to nice belvederes, we had not looked for.
This is what I should like to confess to you. Many thanks!
Yours sincerely

H. B. - Isernhagen - Germany

I am always grateful to you when I have a copy of the best walking map in Italy in my hand.

G. S.

We have just returned from a week in Sorrento and would like to thank you for the excellent new map you have brought out and easy to follow colour-coding which has made your beautiful hills such a delight. This is the ninthyear that we have torna Surriento just for the walks. The previous maps have been good but this new edition is clear and easy to follow and the markings along the way are excellent.

D. & B. N.

.... we happened to visit the information office on the day they received their first supplies of your excellent new map. We used this quite a bit during the week. We also saw the new ceramic plaques everywhere making us realise what a lot of hard work has gone into the network - congratulations. Thanks for all your great efforts.

J. T. - Member of Outdoor Writers' guild